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Top QR Code API Generators in 2024

QR Codes are common knowledge to everyone.

The allure of QR Codes is obvious: they’re safe, contactless, and easy to use. They have straightforward logic. As Joe Waters, the author of “QR Codes for Dummies,” says — “They just work!” In a time where people want easy-to-handle technology to leverage into most things and make it work, this is beneficial.

So much so that QR Codes can not just be included in online and offline materials but also can be integrated into your apps. A QR Code API can be integrated into any app to generate QR Codes in real-time in various formats.

If you’re wondering where to get the best QR Code API generator in 2021, then continue reading this article.

How to select the best QR Code API generator?

There are several QR Code API generators available in the market claiming to be the best. But, how do you know which one is actually the best?

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best QR Code API generator for your app -

1. Types of QR Codes offered

Online QR Code generators provide various types of QR Codes — SMS, email, Facebook, location, and so on. But, with QR Code APIs, the offering is limited.

When going for an online QR Code generator API, check the number of QR Codes types it offers and if the offered QR Code fits your business idea. As a good rule of thumb, go with a QR Code API generator that offers more than five types of QR Codes so you can try and incorporate them into your application.

A QR Code API can be leveraged for marketing, inventory management, loyalty coupons and rewards systems, and healthcare. Irrespective of the industry vertical, various types of QR Codes are embedded for multiple purposes. It is important to note that the QR Code API generator offers various types of QR Codes to fit into any campaign.

2. Static vs. dynamic QR Codes

In simple terms, static QR Codes, once created, cannot be edited, irrespective of your requirements. Not just that, static QR Codes cannot be tracked, analyzed, or redirected to other sources too.

But not with dynamic QR Codes.

When integrating a QR Code API into your app to generate multiple QR Codes at once, consideration for padding for errors is a must. Always go for a QR Code generator API that generates dynamic QR Codes instead of static QR Codes.

3. Pricing

Pricing plays an important role in the consideration of a QR Code API generator. Several QR Code API generators claim to offer several features, including the number of scans, formats available, and types of QR Codes offered within a budget; however, verifying the API’s features is paramount.

After all, you don’t want to compromise your app’s security and quality solely based on the pricing!

4. Availability of customization

A black and white QR Code can not just be confusing, but they also witness low conversions.

A customized QR Code garners about 200% more conversions as opposed to plain black and white QR Codes. When creating a QR Code from your app, ensure that the QR Codes aligns with your brand by including your app’s logo, color palette, and even a CTA frame.

All of the above customizations are possible with an efficient QR Code with logo API.

5. Ease of use

Integrating an API with your app might typically require in-depth technical knowledge. Or perhaps, the process is tedious.

Always verify with the company and go through their trial period (another factor to check!) to test their API and the troubleshooting to gauge their ease of use.

Ensure the generator has a quick and easy guide to integrating their free QR Code generator API with your app for seamless generation of QR Codes.

6. Number of scans

You don’t want to buy an off-brand QR Code API generator only to find out later that it offers just 50 scans for the price!

Some API generators give up to 10,000 and some up to 1 million scans. Verify the number of scans and pull requests with the customer support team and then finalize your decision!

Best QR Code API generators -

I’ve curated the best QR Code API generators that can be used for any use-case, and yes, I tested them all out, so you don’t have to. I am listing every QR Code API generator’s offerings, including the number of scans, availability of customization, types of QR Codes, and formats available.

Here are the 7 best QR Code API generators -

  1. Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac)’s QR Code API generator
  2. QR Code generator
  3. Scanova
  4. Go QR
  5. Happi QR Code Generator API
  6. QRTag API
  7. Fun generators QR Code API

#Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac)’s QR Code API Generator Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac)’s QR Code API generator is the only API solution that offers dynamic QR Code API, whereas every other API generator stops at static QR Codes.

As explained before, dynamic QR Codes are more effective than static QR Codes because they can be tracked, edited, set passwords for, and even customized in real-time.

Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac)’s QR Code API solution allows you to create customized QR Codes and not just colored QR Codes. The platform has elevated security practices with its SSO login, password-protection, and even age-gated feature with its dynamic QR Codes.

The only QR Code generator rated the highest on G2 (4.8/5) compared to other QR Code API generators!

#2. QR Code generator The platform is easy to use with a straightforward troubleshooting guide in place and simple navigation throughout its dashboard.

The QR Code Generator’s API solution also offers customizable QR Codes to add your app’s logo, change the eyes, template, and even a CTA frame. However, they do not offer dynamic QR Codes as a part of their API offering, and their types of QR Codes are limited.

The solution is still good enough since their dashboard and setting up the API process is easy, but sign up for their 14-day free trial to try the solution to comb out any confusion!

#3. Scanova Scanova has its own dedicated API dashboard to generate API keys and a documentation archive to look up to for easy troubleshooting. The dashboard is simple to use with clear instructions.

However, the types of QR Codes offered are limited, and you can only create static API QR Codes.

But, that platform does not allow you to switch back to regular QR Codes because of its dedicated QR Code API feature, making it troublesome to keep track of your other QR Codes.

If Scanova had easy to switch platforms, it would have worked well.

#4. QR Code Monkey Just like Scanova, QR Code Monkey also has a dedicated QR Code API page called QRCode Monkey API for professional usage.

What stood out to me was that the platform hosted more than 15 types of QR Code patterns to customize QR Codes, the maximum number of patterns available amongst other API generators!

Although the QR Codes can be customized, the platform’s offerings are limited. The platform hosts its API offering on RapidAPI. Considering their pricing is slightly on the steeper side, their offerings are limited, making it less alluring than the others.

#5. Happi QR Code generator API Happi is a development platform that offers various APIs to users varying from music, language detection, and QR Codes.

Their QR Code API platform can only create a simple base64 image with custom colors. The platform is straightforward, easy to use, and user friendly. The only downside is that they do not offer a free trial; however, they do provide free QR Code API keys, but the credit is limited to 8,000 only.

#6. QRTag API QRTag API service is free to use, but it can only be used for direct sharing and not for any other purpose, limiting its usage. In addition, the API request is limited to only 1,000 requests per 10 minutes per application.

Since the service is free, the platform can terminate the service at any time without any warning. Ergo, there is always a fear of being eliminated from the service, thus conflicting with your business plans.

Dealing with uncertainties is not the best option to go for!

#7. Fun generators QR Code API Fun generators QR Code API offers various types of QR Codes such as text, URL, phone number, and business cards. The platform also allows you to send a QR Code image, and the API will decode and return the contents!

Their API feature can be integrated with your app and your website and offers multiple formats for downloading.

They offer free API requests, but it is limited to only 60 calls a day within 5 calls an hour; however, this can be scaled up using their paid subscription.

To sum it up

APIs are imperative for any app for a smooth user experience. Every time you use Facebook, Instagram, or even check the weather using your phone, you are technically using an API.

Integrating an API to your app reduces your work in half by presenting the information you want in a readable way, especially for users. Not just that, an API is also an added layer of security since there is no involvement of third-party servers hosting on your app by not exposing your server.

Before you zero down on your decision, consider the factors listed in this article to help you pick the best QR Code API generator! Sign up for their free trial and get a hands-on experience of the platform to get started!